Thursday, 30 January 2014

Why physical gold?

Here are my reasons why

Why physical gold?
1. For wealth protection- a hedge against inflation
Paper currency is losing its value against time while gold value keeps on increasing over decades and generations. Sebab tu mak-mak dan nenek-nenek kita dulu selalu beli dan simpan emas. Bila anak-anak dah besar, harga emas dah naik berganda, boleh pakai utk hantar anak ke uni/buat kenduri kahwin dsb.

There is a YouTube video about how paper currency can be manipulated, that it is the biggest scam in the history of mankind here (with Malay subtitle). The man featured in the video is Michael Maloney, author of best-seller 'Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver', founder of and

In the end US Dollar would be just like the 'toilet paper'- Tun Dr. M.
Credit to Utusan Malaysia and

2. Shariah compliant
This matter concerns the Muslims due to the fact that few banks offer Gold Savings Account (GSA). People deposit money into the account which value will change according to the current gold value, but there is no actual physical gold for the account holder, just numbers printed in the account book. However, there are 2 banks that offer Shariah Compliant GSA i.e. Kuwait Finance House and Al-Rajhi. They do have real gold ready for the account holder whenever they want to withdraw it.

Buying physical gold will not cause this issue since it's just like buying something from the shop. You pay the money, you get your stuff.

3. Hadith
There is a hadith (the saying of Muhammad Rasulullah SAW) narrated by Imam Ahmad Ibnu Hanbal:
"Akan tiba suatu zaman di mana tiada apa yang bernilai dan boleh digunakan oleh umat manusia. Maka simpanlah Dinar dan Dirham"
Translated as- There will be a time when nothing is valuable and can be used by Human race. Therefore, save Dinar and Dirham. Dinar is gold coin while dirham is silver coin. Wallahu a'lam.

If you haven't realised, gold price is low again since April 2013 to where it was 4 years ago. While it's still on sale, why don't you get yours here.

Norazharina Mat Amin

(Updated on 12th Feb 2014)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How to lock gold price online easily

(The title post was changed from 'how to buy gold online' to a new one as above since it could be misleading to some readers that the gold will be sent directly to you or it sounds like just another online scam)

I'm referring to Public Gold here- the local gold and silver bullion bars producer, winning numerous awards (e.g. Malaysia Book of Records, Golden Bull, The Brand Laureate etc.), approved by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM); the largest gold and silver trader in Malaysia.

I will write more about the reasons to go for physical gold a bit later, but for now let me tell you how simple it is to buy CERTIFIED PHYSICAL GOLD in 4 basic steps for first-time buyer on PUBLIC GOLD, online (talk about gold rush!).
(if you are an existing buyer, you can log on using your PG code- get your password from 'Forgot Password' option. Just follow Step #2 onwards) 

1. Register
2. Place Order/Lock Price (and receive Booking Order & Sales Order)
3. Make Payment
4. Collect your Gold!

Ok, now the elaboration.
#1. Register - at
From the Home page, click on 'Login'

You'll come to this page

By clicking 'Register', you will see this screen. Fill in the fields, those with asterisk (*) are compulsory. If you follow the given link above, you should see my details in the Introducer part i.e. someone who introduces/leads/brings you to know about Public Gold. The Introducer should be a registered Public Gold dealer who can advise you on gold in general and about Public Gold in particular (yep, that's me).

If it's not there yet, I would appreciate it if you put my details in the Introducer part- Introducer Code: PG040197, Name: Norazharina Mat Amin, Mobile no.: 013-2092404. If there are times you are unsure of the procedures, not sure who to contact, what to do, should you buy or not and which item is the best etc. I will be able to consult you on any inquiries, inshaAllah.

When you're done filling up and click submit, you will receive an activation email with the activation link, temporary username and password. Click the link to activate your account.
Use your temporary username and password to login. Now, you're ready to place order.
#2. Place Order/Lock Price
You'll come to the page with Terms of Sale and by agreeing to that will bring you to the Order Placement page.

Put in the quantity required for your desired item(s). At the bottom, there is an option 'Order for..'- click on 'Myself' ('Third Party' and 'New Buyer' are for dealers' use). Fill in your particulars accordingly.

Next, you will see the 3 drop-down menus.
#2.1 Payment Option: Full Payment and Easy Payment Purchase (4 times payment over 4 months with 0.5% one-time charge over total amount)
#2.2 With (to which Public Gold bank account you prefer to pay to): Public Bank Berhad or Maybank Berhad
#2.3 Collect from: Select your nearest/preferred Public Gold branch from 17 outlets nationwide. For Relau and Bishop branches, both in Penang, the transportation fee is waived.

Put in remarks (if any), click 'Update Cart' and the Grand Total will show including the Transportation Fee (if applicable, usually for gold bars ranging from RM 10-80 West M'sia, RM 20-160 East M'sia). When you are satisfied with everything, click 'Check Out'.

The next page will preview your Booking Order (Sale), listing the item(s) you want to purchase, together with the Terms & Conditions (which will also be e-mailed to you). Should there be any changes you want to make, you can click 'Change Order'. Otherwise, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to check that all information is correct before you click the 'Confirm Order' button.

When you click Confirm Order, CONGRATULATIONS! You just placed your order and locked your price (no matter if the price goes up the next day, you pay what you just locked). A Booking Order (BO) page will show up and an auto-generated email will be sent to you containing the PDF attachment of the Booking Order (Order Placed). You could make your payment now by following the instructions given (if you wish, or wait for Sales Order).

You will receive another email with the BO status changed to Order Confirm (which usually comes few hours after the first email, if it's a working day).

Shortly after, you will receive another email with the Sales Order (SO) in PDF attachment. This e-mail usually comes from your preferred branch. Note the Doc@SO no. and A/C Code as you will need to state these when making payment.
But if you do not receive the Sales Order in the next working day from the day you placed your order, you may follow up with Public Gold directly. The hotline number is +604-643 9999. Also, if there is any mistake in the Sales Order, please contact them for correction. 

#3. Make payment 
There are a few ways you can pay:
*Cash- limited to transaction of less than RM3000, pay at the Public Gold branch
*Deposit in Bank- no limit to amount, pay at Public Bank/Maybank counter (to prevent mishaps at ATM e.g. machine running out of receipts etc.)
*Internet Transfer (Online Banking)- subject to your banks' limit, usually RM 10,000 per day 
*Telegraphic Transfer- subject to your banks' limit
*Personal Cheque- amount <RM 25k needs 5 working days for clearance, 8 working days for >RM 25k

I would personally prefer Internet Transfer (Online Banking) but with transaction of more than RM 10,000, please notify Public Gold to let them know how many days you will need to bank-in all amount. 
Note that although it does mention in the email that full payment need to be made within 24 hours, but again, in cases where the transaction is a lot of amount and you need more than 24 hours, please notify them. Otherwise, your account could be suspended and you might be blacklisted from trading with Public Gold.

Please state the Booking/Sales Order number (CSO**** or PM****) AND Customer Account Code (TEMP*** or PG***) as reference.  
If making Internet Transfer, a confirmation page like above will appear. It is suffice to 'Print Screen' or copy the whole page (as softcopy to be e-mailed later) and print it as the original payment slip.

If you make payment using any other method e.g. over the bank counter/cheque, you will get the payment slip- snap a picture of it to make it in softcopy. You can scan it either if you prefer.

After payment, please e-mail the slip to or fax it to +604-6464916 within 24 hours. You will receive an acknowledgement email from Public Gold regarding this.

Note that although some Inter-bank Giro (IBG) service does offer Recipient's Email Address field where you can put Public Gold's email address, this DOES NOT count as payment received proof. 

Please keep the ORIGINAL payment slip as you will need it when collecting your item(s).

#4. Collect your gold!
Before you go to your nearest/preferred branch, it is advisable for you to contact them one or two days before (contact numbers here) for stock collection appointment and to smoothen the whole process.

Don't forget to bring along the original payment slip and a copy of the Sales Order. You have to collect your item(s) within 2 months from Sales Order date. If uncollected, Public Gold will store it for you at a charge of 1% per year.

and Voila! You are one proud owner of that gold bar or coin. I never thought buying gold could be this easy ;)

Of course, if you have any problem or doubts, you can always contact your dealer. Or if all these just seem too complex to you, drop me your full name, IC no., mobile no., e-mail address and your location in Malaysia (or Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia etc) at my contact details or comment box below.

All the best!

Norazharina Mat Amin

Updated on 10th April 2014