Friday, 14 March 2014

What is AGSS

AGSS is the short form of Allocated Gold Storage Service. It's when you purchase your gold together with the storage service, so you do not need to be physically present to collect and store the gold yourself.

Public Gold Marketing together with its sister company, Public Safe Management provide the product and service. Here's the illustration.

You know the gold is reserved for YOU when you are given the item serial number and packet photos. The gold will not be used for any other reason whatsoever.

Your allocated gold will be stored in the security vault with full liability protection (visit for more details of vault). You may request to withdraw/collect the item anytime. Or when the gold price appreciates, you may opt to sell it back to Public Gold and the best thing is you can do this from the comfort of your home, online.

Normal storage fee is 1% of the gold item price (2% for silver) annually, or minimum RM 50 per item, whichever is higher.

So, how to get this deal? Easy. If you're a new buyer, you need to register first via this link. Click 'Register' at the bottom of the Login page. Fill in your details (kindly ensure you get my details on the Introducer part, so I could help on the follow-ups. Should you encounter any problems or need further clarification, I will be able to assist too, inshaAllah). You will get an activation email after the registration, just follow the instruction given.

Now, you have to login (use your temporary username and password) so you can access the Place Order page (under Order). Tick the top box where it says 'Use the storage service for this order'.
**The screenshot might differ a bit with improvements done by PG**
Then, choose the item(s) you want to purchase by putting in the quantity required. Put in your details at the bottom of the page and click 'Update Cart' to see the Grand Total with the actual Storage Fee. When you are satisfied with everything, click 'Check Out'.

Next is the Agreement page, when you're done going through it, click 'I Accept' accordingly. You'll come to the final Order Placement page, which looks like this:

Click 'Request TAC' and a Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) will be sent to your mobile no. (should work for overseas no. too). Enter the TAC. Kindly note the remarks given at the bottom of the page where you have to courier your original payment slip to the stated address accordingly (unless you do Internet Transfer, I'll come to this shortly). Now click 'Confirm Order' and you've completed your booking!

You'll come to the Order Placed page which details out your order and an auto-generated Booking Order will be sent to your email. You can wait for the Sales Order email (with attachment doc. no. PM******) that will come from the Public Gold personnel itself during working hours.

For the payment, there are various ways to do this and it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for you to quote the CSO***** or PM***** no. Doing Internet Transfer would be the easiest since you do not need to courier the payment slip hardcopy. Instead, just copy/Print Screen the confirmation page and e-mail it to, cc to the personnel who sent the Sales Order. You will receive an acknowledgement e-mail after that.

You can read more about the payment method in my first post (#3- Make payment). If your payment is successful, you will get to see your Invoice and Receipt under My Account> My Vault. Within 1-2 weeks, you will receive the item serial no. and the images like the one above.

and that's it! 
Any inquiries, you're welcomed to contact me at my details below. ACT NOW! :)

Norazharina Mat Amin

Updated on 24th April 2016

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