Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How to make subsequent login/orders online

So, you placed your first order on Public Gold (by yourself, or through your dealer because you were in bed during that sweet spot price, or for whatever reason there is), CONGRATULATIONS! You are one step closer towards safeguarding your hard-earned cash from being robbed by the bank.

By now, you should have your own permanent Customer Account Code (PG*****, as opposed to the temporary code, TEMP**** given to you when you first registered online). You could find it on the top right-hand side part of the Sales Order.

Now, go back to the Login page. Your Account Code is your Username (PG******), but for the password- click on 'Forgot your Password?' for the system to reset it for you (you can choose the password later).
Insert your e-mail address that you used for your first order. Click 'Submit' and you will receive a  token in your email. Follow the instruction given to reset the password and choose your own. Once you are logged in, you can follow the rest of the steps given in my first post on how to place your order (you just skipped the Step #1-Register).

Don't worry if you haven't made your first order yet. You have 2 options- read here on how to OR you could just drop me your full name, IC no., mobile no., e-mail address and your location in Malaysia (together with that favourite gold item you dream of, or just how much is your budget if you have no idea on that) at my contact details below. All the best!

Norazharina Mat Amin

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