Saturday, 11 October 2014

GAP statement now available on Public Gold website

If you've read my previous entry on GAP (Gold Accumulation Program), you must have understood how this program works. (Otherwise, you may contact any PG dealers or myself for further clarification)

To keep you up to date of your accumulated precious metal, Public Gold has made the GAP statement available online for GAP holders. The statement will show how much gold you have purchased and stored with PG, how much you have withdrawn and what is the available balance. Note that minimum balance in your account has to be 1gram to ensure you GAP account remains active.

GAP statement online. Login into, go to My Account > My GAP Statement
Here's another interesting on-going promo (October 2014) on GAP- make a standing instruction from your bank account- at least 5gram monthly for consecutive 12 months, and you will entitle to a FREE 1gram gold bar. Not a bad promo considering the bigger bars always cost lower per gram.

Have you opened your GAP account yet? Contact me if you wish to do so.

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